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We are proud to offer a well rounded group of services to people, patients, caregivers, and companies looking to make a splash in the solventless concentrate community. 


We currently offer whole plant fresh frozen solventless processing to caregivers and patients in the state of Maine. If you’re interested in having your harvest turned into Ice Water Hash, Live Rosin, or Solventless Cartridges please contact us.


With 7+ years of award winning solventless processing experience we are now offering consulting services to producers looking to set up a solventless program or to help fine tune your existing lab. We offer facility designs as well as SOPs for every phase of solventless production.


Looking to throw a cannabis friendly event? We have successfully thrown cannabis friendly events in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and Washington and are always looking to throw more! Have an idea you are excited about but need some help with the logistics? 

Fill out a contact form below:

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